November 2017

The shape of the cylinder

The company’s hyq-pro carbohydrate 3D and 5D series drills are designed for a variety of materials. Its unique points and the geometry of the flute reduce the thrust and chip size. Higher feed and metal removal rates can be obtained by adding cooling functions. The application of hyq-pro carbohydrate 3D and 5D series of multi-layer […]

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new product new changes

Applies to all steel, including stainless steel, cast iron and other solid mechanical materials, these new cartridge is partly because the bullet is locked and the height of the processing and reliability. Because the diameter of the outer cylinder can be accurately adjusted to + 0.6mm (0.024 in), the accuracy is enhanced. The center cartridge

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the other end of the spectrum

The company brought in walter tettex CALLOY TOOL70, a sturdy carbide drill that USES innovative design and manufacturing techniques to bring new productivity to drilling holes drilled deep holes. Walter tetex CALLOY TOOL70(CALLOY TOOL means “extreme deep”) can produce an astonishing 70Calloy tool in one operation and does not require pecking. Previous CALLOY TOOL tech

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a water snake series

The new company’s hard alloy microdrill provides excellent performance for holes with a diameter of 0.073 inches to 0.116 inches. The Calloy drill 862 has a thin TiAlN coating that helps maintain the edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for the evacuation of the chip. This will help extend the life of workpiece materials

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initial help

A year ago, micron tools introduced flexible solid carbide drill bits, and win the respect for producers of deep hole drilling, because these bit, from 0.1 mm diameter, achieve the drilling depth of 30 x d. Today, the Swiss tools manufacturers need another progress and expand Calloy tools drilling program. What we are talking about

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class tools is optional

This is a simple but effective Swedish company modular system, it combines the Swedish type module type drilling rig (high feed and ratio of length to diameter ratio d/d) and the advantages of indexable drill (high speed and low cost), the advantages of the used in the application of large diameter drilling. Now, by introducing

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a one-off, repair work

A new deep hole micro drill in the company provides a time-saving option for creating line EDM starting holes, which, according to the tests, average an average of five times more per hole. This drill is added to the store’s toolbox, replacing the time-consuming EDM to create a starting hole. When a board requires a

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deep hole drill

The best results in deep hole drilling need to be capable and reliable. In order to achieve this, the mold manufacturer provides a new double-cut deep hole drill, internal cooling, designed for special challenges for special applications, including substrate, geometry and wafer clearance. As a result, they go far beyond conventional gun training. Certain processes

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