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Our Main Products

Explore our range of automated shrinking packaging solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial needs.

Automatic shrinking machine

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

This series full-auto L type sealing and shrinking machine, it has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation, safety protection and alarm function that effectively prevents incorrect packaging.It is equipped with an imported horizontal and vertical detection photoelectric, which makes it easy to switch selections.

Automatic shrinking machine

Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

The auto motion side seal shrink wrap machine is widely used in packaging requirement for batch production, high efficiency,auto film feeding and punching, auto film sealing and cutting,manual adjust film guiding system and in-feeding conveyor for differenet width and height products.Digital display panel, easy to operation

Automatic shrinking machine

Shrink Bundling Machine

FHOPE has various shrink bundling machine, sleeve shrinking machine which is target to customer’s needs. These machines empower our clients with their productivity and stability of business chain. The bundle sleeve shrinking machines are designed for products with high quality and exquisiteness.

Automatic shrinking machine

Our Story

With years of expertise in manufacturing automatic shrinking machines, our team brings reliable and efficient solutions to the packaging industry.

Unique Value Proposition

Our commitment to innovation, quality, and personalized service sets us apart in delivering top-of-the-line shrinking solutions.

Automatic shrinking machine


Our shrink wrap machines are designed to reduce manual handling and operational costs, ensuring a more cost-efficient production process for your business.

Automatic shrinking machine

Customized Solutions

Tailored shrink packaging machines available to meet your specific production needs, providing customized solutions for various industries.

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