The SC tool

The SC tool has announced the availability of its new HGK340 class, a type of PCBN material used to complete the discovery of nickel-base alloys on aviation, power generation and auto parts.HGK340 is suitable for the toughness and wear resistance of various materials such as Inconel 718, UDIMET, Waspaloy, MAR M, etc.
During field tests using HGK340, its tool life increased by 40%, and its speed decreased by 45% compared to whisker ceramics. This product is designed to meet the needs of nickel-based alloy precision surface treatment, tolerance, and cutting, HGK340 combines the unique ceramic binder, improve the service life of cutting tools, reduce the service life of cutting tools. The whiskers of these silicon carbide crystals increase tensile strength and fracture toughness.
The new level can be applied to the process of casting, forging, powder metallurgy, or from solid source processing of hardened and non-hardened nickel alloys. It can reach depths of 0 to 020 at the cutting speed of 900 to 1300 SFM. For continuous cutting application design, the coolant must be applied to the operation.
In order to further improve the service life of the tool, SC recommend the use of its jet tool, it can be close to the cutting edge of high pressure environment provide coolant, cooling work area, produce smaller, more hard, more crisp chips.
DP has introduced HGHGH high feed blade, which is suitable for the current ring cutter body. Part of DP’s nose – carb, these new inserts are CNC, not ground. Because they are thicker, they are also stronger, and they enhance the ability to absorb heat.

HGHGH insertion is designed to be very aggressive metal cutting and long tool life, providing higher metal removal rates in lighter cutting depths. Its high positive cutting edge is the ideal choice for stainless steel, high temperature alloy and viscose material. The stronger edges of the HGHGH series can make heavier chip loads, greater impact absorption and longer tool life. A frontal upper rake can reduce the cutting force and reduce torque.
The DP provides these inserts in three more hardened circular matrices: HGT30, HGT25, and DHG25.Applicable to 1- diameter and above, HGHGH high feed blade is suitable for demanding applications in mold cavity and core coarse grinding. A complex part of the outline; To enrich themselves; Screw interpolation; And rough parts of the process.

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