HBGN’s spiral cut edge optimizes

Company subsidiary AM industries has announced a new line insertion line. A special thin wall design allows them to use the smallest boss requirements to help reduce weight and increase strength. They are securely locked into the parent material by locking the inserted locks on the wall of the parent material. Used to repair stripped, damaged or worn threads. In addition, they are also used in the original equipment to strengthen thread and extend the wire life of soft base materials such as aluminum or magnesium. The production of swage-sert products is met-4594332/1, which can be used in all inches and sizes. They can be used for A23486 and 1437-4 PH corrosion-resistant steel and 443130 alloy steel. There are many options available, including cadmium, dry film lubricating oil and silver plate. You can use a customized version to contact an engineer in AM to discuss special inserts for your specifications.

KM company In addition to the explosion, insert channel coolant is inserted into the milling cutter/insert interface. The company reported that the tool provides direct coolant, providing more effective coolant delivery, heat transfer and lubrication during the tool’s cutting material. Can be used for rotation and milling applications. When the titanium alloy was used, KM tested the coolant of 100- psi, and the results showed that the tool life increased by 75% when using 100-psi oil displacement agent.

DP, which now offers advanced HBGN ball nose gear, ranges from 10 mm to 32 mm in diameter.

HBGN’s spiral cut edge optimizes the performance of the ball nose dressing application, provides a smoother cutting motion, reduces vibration, and provides a cleaner surface finish. HBGN geometric shapes can be more heavily cut and metal removed, while reducing the stress of working materials. Another advantage of the helical cutting edge is that the longer the tool pressure and heat generation, the longer it will live.

For more information about the HBN series bulb insertion of these indicators, please contact DP company (800)2433-3344 or fax to (860)242-3031 7.

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