portable pneumatic drill

SGO group. The PSL support portable pneumatic drill is designed for drilling applications on large wing and fuselage components. The infrared spectrum provided by these units is less than 0.0006 in depth and provides 0.0008 repeatability. When the main control feed rate regulator enters the component, its quick approach is slowed down. , according to the company as the drilling rig is close to the preset depth, further reducing the secondary control feed conditioning auger drill speed, make its almost eliminate the burr on the basis of the breakthrough. The unit has a positive pressure as it moves forward and backward.

The 90 degree skid and milling head of ESS provide not only the angular drilling and milling capability of the rotating center, but also the cutting operation of the gears. Compared with traditional gear shaping or pull methods, the new head cuts gears faster, and also produces internal and external gear, spiral shapes, and non-interference gears.

Using traditional field tools, the rotary center cutting tools can only be machined from horizontal positions. Therefore, the pinion of the gears requires a special gear grinder or a fully 5-axis milling machine. ESS’s innovative drills and milling heads make it possible for the store to meet the desired Angle of gear grinding and create a whole sp line.

The spindle speed of new drilling and milling head is 3000 revolutions per minute, and output torque is 40 nm. It is also compatible with the supply of external coolants.

In the drilling and milling head, set the screw to adjust the head position 45 degrees or downwards, to make the system 90 degree movement range. The operator loosens the fixing screw, sets the position of the head manually and tightly screws.

The adjustable head is an independent tool solution and is an accurate fISex. The accurate elastic molding tool system provides fast and accurate turning tool of lathe. The system features a single base stand and multiple tool adapters, providing endless possibilities for stores to find a simple way to improve productivity.

When precision curved short and compact design improves the torque and the stiffness, its cone and flat plane interface when using adapter or standard HGC, provides the high precision and rigidity. The interface also makes it easy to install a colleague, an owner of an internal mill, and a tool to increase the grip and contraction of a single stand.

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