coil wrapping machinery

The way to help you better understanding the coil wrapping machine by question and answer base on the real case. Follow question relates to the coil wrapping machine packaging size range, packaging materil, detail of the designing…

coil wrapping machine
coil wrapping machine

    In the quotation that you have sent us, there are different ODs for the roll. Therefore, we need to confirm with you which is the maximum OD of the roll: 180mm or 220mm?——-180MM

·         Regarding your recommendation on which material should client use, another provider has suggested us to use “A POLYTHENE AND PAPER WITH OVER VCI (100-120MCR) TO AVOID CORROSION AND THEN THE POLYTHENE FILM (35 – 40 MICRON) TO SEAL EVERYTHING AND NOT ALLOW OXYGEN AND HUMIDITY TO ENTER”. What do you think? Which materials you suggest us, the mentioned materials or VCI stretch film, etc.?——Yes, VCI stretch film

·         Can you send us drawing in CAD or STEP format in order to see the wrapping machine with the Automatic Loader?——It is a customized designing , no drawing now

·         We have been watching the video you shared with us, and we would like to know if the rollers from the conveyor are motorized or they work alone.———————-Motorized

·         Which is the cycle time to wrap a coil? From the moment the coil is placed in the wrapping position till the next coil enters to the coil position.—–App. 90sec

·         We do not understand in what consists the Automatic clamper & cutter? Should not be included in the Automatic Wrapping Machine?——Automatic clmaper and cutter is the device similar as last machine deliveried to your company.

·         We would like to know if the Automatic Loader can load the rolls in the wrapping machine as well as in the Automatic feeder——————Different device. Automatic feeder is for feeding the film to the coil.   Automatic loader is for the reloading the packing materoal roll.

coil wrapping machine
coil wrapping machine
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