Pallet inverter and pallet handling solution

Pallet inverter-D series

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Pallet inverter and pallet handling solution

Large quantities of goods are generally used to be placed on pallets during transportation, but the pallets need to be removed when loading the vehicle. Manually moving them will affect the loading speed and cause unnecessary waste of personnel. The research and development of this flipper came out, reducing the use of manpower and meeting the requirements of three-dimensional warehouse automation and pallet replacement. The working process is as follows: First, the pallet with the goods is placed on the flipper by a two-tooth forklift. The flipper clamps the material, controls the flipper to rotate 180 °, turns the pallet and the goods upside down, and then the fork is lifted by a five-tooth forklift. When loading and unloading, the flipper rotates back 180 ° to return. The entire system uses three-phase 380V power, driven by a servo motor, pneumatically used to clamp materials, and compressed air 6.0-8.0Kg / cm2. Because no hydraulic pressure is used as a power source, it will not cause pollution to the environment.

Using servo motor drive can better achieve: flexible start, stop, variable speed, high rotational positioning accuracy. Adopting small gear to drive large ring gear structure can achieve uniform consumption of rotational kinetic energy and make the operation more stable.

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