wiretapping tools

Traditionally, threaded machining operations are relatively slow processing due to its limited visibility and necessary precision. Tapping technology becomes obsolete, not content to let STY fastening, spitzer, the owner of the brand, and supplier of global innovation fasteners and assembly technology, has to imagine using thread form to improve performance and increase the off-the-shelf availability. […]

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BLU coating

According to the company, the sole BLU coating in carbide cutting tools co., LTD., the solid carbide MHT18 type, in a relatively short period, new FDMT thread grinding machine provides a very precise geometry and surface quality. Unlike the traditional faucet, it can be up at the bottom of a blind hole while providing the

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thread connection

  JW company provides DHWIN 9036 and DHWIN 9036-ni thread connection, tapered thread, specification size. These threaded plug holes are used to close holes with cylindrical tapered internal threads. Air tightness depends on the compatibility of the medium, pressure, temperature and materials. The design of GPGC thread coatings provides higher security. The plug is made

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LED flood lights 

LED flood lights With the rapid development of the LED industry, the variety of products has become more and more abundant, and consumers have more and more choices. As far as the current automotive products are concerned, LED lights are definitely the first choice for many families. Both in terms of space and economy, they have

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fastening combination

Design of fastening combination of its internal thread self-locking helix now form design, according to the report, it in exposed to severe shock, extreme vibration and severe thermal cycle of harsh environment, has excellent resistance to the pine. When designing components and threading components, entity critical inserts are generally considered to be the most persistent

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in the LED industry

In this special period, each industry has contributed its own strength in the LED industry. Although the emergence of the epidemic has slowed down the pace of our lives a lot, it has to be acknowledged that the heat of the auto LED lamp sterilization industry will not greatly diminish after this. Nowadays, automotive products

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