Large heat shrinkable packaging machine

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Heat shrinkable packaging machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the current market. It uses shrinkable film to wrap around the product or package. After heating, it makes the shrinkable film tightly wrap the product or package, fully displays the appearance of the product, improves the exhibition and sale of the product, and increases the sense of beauty and value. At the same time, the packed goods can be sealed, moistureproof and pollution-proof, and can protect the goods from the impact from the outside, with a certain degree of cushioning, especially when packing fragile goods, it can prevent the utensils from flying when they are broken. Advantages of heat shrinking machine

Using far infrared direct heating;

Small size, short preheating time and power saving;

Electronic CVT temperature regulation;

Shrinkage does not affect the quality of the package, but can shrink the package perfectly;

Packaging for regular or irregular items

Automatic shutdown function, when the furnace temperature rises to the specified temperature, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply, save the time to be cooled, and ensure the normal service life of the equipment;

Advantages of heat shrinking machine

It is specially designed for automatic packaging production line of beer, beverage, purified water, juice, dairy products and other drinks. Heat shrinkable packaging machine series

It has the full automatic function of conveying feed, bottle management, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling and finalization. The heat shrinking machine adopts the world advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, with clear and firm sealing. Sealing fast cooling structure ensures higher sealing strength under high-speed production conditions. PLC program is used for automatic circulation control, with stable and reliable performance. Imported guide rod cylinder ensures accurate operation. Durable.

The induction switch controls the film feeding system, which can control the film feeding length reliably and reduce the loss. All transmissions are variable frequency speed regulation, stable and smooth.

Unique heat shrinkable channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, heat balance is even, shrinkage is tight and beautiful. Three layer heat insulation treatment, good heat preservation performance, fast temperature rise, energy saving.

Enhanced cooling channel, but the packaging film quickly into a high-strength state, convenient for storage and transportation. It is convenient to adjust the packaging combination and bottle type when changing, and it can realize the multi-purpose function of one machine.


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