general steel processing

The company has introduced a new type of metal cutting tool with the new HK73025 PVD coating for general steel processing.

H7325 has special abrasion resistance and heat resistance, providing excellent durability in high speed machining, with special wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The result is a special cutting tool material for steel processing when combined with the ultramicron ceramic matrix.

KH’s MGC has several key advantages, including:

In contrast to carbonated carbon, the chemical reaction of large carbon compounds is less, which reduces the rising trend of buildings and provides improved surface polishing.

Super large metal ceramics can be kept wet or dry, reducing the cost of coolant and making it easier to recover metal wafers. The MGC pricing is stable compared with the rising cost of tungsten carbide.

HK73025 maintains a flexural strength, which is equivalent to P15 carbide tungsten, which has a wide range of cutting depth and low strength, including continuous rough machining.

HK73025 is a new member of KA’s large corporate CT family. Previous achievements include: HK73010 for high-speed steel and HK73005 for cast iron processing.

While improving the surface of the weld, you can use the smooth knife and lock head, and also weld on the welding surface.

Company USES is a kind of radical chip breaker, it can be heated in the material below, and will be separated from the pipe or pipe heat, producing a thick slices, without cutting oil, extend the life of the vane. The blade is for the sake of their line clamp weld end preparation tools developed, they are installed in EL wedge knife head, they are strictly on the slope, surface and boring, including heavy wall pipe of a number of angles.

Ideal for stainless steel, k-91, and other hard materials, the smooth blade is made from t-15 tool steel, coated with tin, or with a hard lubricant coating. From 37 to 10 degrees, and then to a compound tilt Angle, the blade can provide any Angle of preparation. The pipes and pipelines from “I” to “36” provide portable welding terminals.

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