Automatic horizontal stretch wrapping machine strapping machine


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Fhope provides a variety of fully automatic, semi-automatic, non-standard horizontal winding packaging machines, which can be customized to meet customer needs

Installation: the machine shall be installed on flat and hard ground, and the ground load shall be more than 1 ton / m2.

Special tension control frame

It can provide consistent tension in a strong and tight package.

It makes the machine suitable for large and small packages with good surfaces.

In the face of the current fierce market competition, all enterprises are accumulating to seek the road of development. While quality and brand become the key to success for enterprises, efficient production efficiency has become the basis for enterprises to create big profits, so enterprises attach great importance to automatic production.

In a short period of time, to complete the production task at a low cost, to ensure that the winding machine runs well, and there will be no mistakes in production, so as to create great benefits for the enterprise. In recent years, the economic development of various industries requires more high-tech equipment to complete the production. The emergence of automatic winding machine brings hope to all enterprises. The automatic winding machine is constantly improving in the manufacturing industry, and is changing the way of winding and packaging process and the use of materials, no matter from improving the product quality and production efficiency of the winding machine industry, or from eliminating In addition to the processing error and reduce the labor intensity, all show a very obvious role. Especially for food, beverage, medicine, electronics and other industries, it is very important.

With the rapid development of science and technology, a lot of new things have appeared in the market. The obvious sign is automation technology. With the increase of production demand and the improvement of product quality requirements, many enterprises have an increasingly obvious demand for automation production. Take the current winding machine industry with development space for example, in the past, packaging was all done by manpower, with low production efficiency, and the winding packaging effect of products was mostly unsatisfactory. With the improvement of the automatic level of winding machine, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of winding machine are more simple and convenient, and the technical requirements for operators are also reduced. The temperature system, speed accuracy of main machine and stability of tracking system of winding machine directly affect the quality of winding packaging products, which is closely related to our life.

Nowadays, the types of winding machines are quite complete, and all of them have realized all intelligent development. From the whole production line to achieve the advantages of fast, efficient, accurate and so on, to meet the consumption needs of different customers. In the future, winding machines will be more awesome.

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