Automatic steel coil wrapping packaging machine

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Steel coil winding packaging machine is a new type of winding packaging equipment designed and manufactured for metallurgical industry, which is widely used in copper tape, steel strip, steel coil, aluminum tape, bearing, steel wire, welding wire, cable, tire, rubber tube and other kinds of rings.

How to install all parts of winding machine

After we buy the winder, we need to install the machine. The winder of our Fengding machine is simple and easy to install. The customer can solve it by himself. How to install the winder? Here are the precautions for the installation of our machine.

After installing the components, connect the air pipe, cable and oil pipe according to the connection mark, hydraulic pneumatic pipe layout and electrical wiring diagram in the machine tool manual, and check whether each connection part is damaged or loose, especially pay attention to whether the contact seal is completed. Check whether the internal connectors of the numerical control cabinet and the electrical cabinet are damaged due to transportation, and confirm whether the terminals are inserted in place, whether the connectors are connected in place and whether the printed circuit board is in good contact. Only after these works are completed can the test run be carried out smoothly.

The most important connection of the total power supply of the machine tool is the electrical connection. Although the steps are simple, if there is a problem, it will cause a series of unnecessary troubles and even cause huge losses. The following are some problems that need attention when connecting the power supply:

1 confirmation of input power supply voltage and frequency. At present, there are two power supply modes of voltage in China, three-phase AC 380V and single-phase AC 220V. Most domestic machine tools use three-phase 380V, The frequency is 50Hz for power supply, while some imported machine tools use three-phase AC 380V. The frequency is 50Hz for power supply. The user can make corresponding selection according to the requirements. These machine tools are equipped with corresponding power transformers to check whether the power signal meets the requirements of the machine tool and whether there is large fluctuation equipment near the machine tool that affects the power signal. Once the voltage fluctuation is too large or there is nearby Large equipment will cause great fluctuation of power supply, generate electrical interference and affect the stability of the machine tool. It is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer in time.

2. Confirmation of power supply phase sequence. The method of checking the phase sequence is relatively simple, which is measured by the phase sequence table. On the contrary, when the phase sequence table rotates anticlockwise, the phase sequence is not correct. If the phase sequence is connected wrongly, the fuse of the control unit may be blown. The consequences are very serious, and any two power lines in the three phases of u, V and W shall be exchanged in time.