automated drilling applications

SG provides the latest application for its HHV3 sel branch servo series: the ability to install robo


The high power motor and spindle speed of HHV3 are transferred from 390 to 20,000 RPM, providing excellent performance in small diameter boreholes of aluminum, cast iron and steel. 33 pounds. (15kg) in a compact 15.5-inch “x 3.9” x 8.3 inch (392.5mm x 100mm x 210mm) frame, the sel feeder has an impressive power ratio.

The combination of high performance engine and compact size makes it ideal for HHV3 to automate robot applications in the aerospace industry. In application, the hardframe bit does not apply. The installation of HHV3 onto the robot will not only increase control and flexibility, but HHV3 is a standard product.

The RE-x recovery system now provides users of the SHR automatic quantitative supply drilling unit with the benefits of the tool – coolant function. SHR automation division, is located in the southeast and manufacturing company of relocation of distributors, cooperate with Mr. RE-x, provide the function of previously unavailable or impossible, to achieve a low cost way.

RE-x’s RCL system is an expensive, high-maintenance, high-maintenance, real-time tool head replacement. Only four parts, a special clamping nut, outer ring and the cooling tube, straight tube and elbow fittings, in about two minutes, the system at the scene of the existing tool head installed a ER output (linear and Angle). With RCL, the store can effectively convert standard external coolant real-time tools into tools with tool cooling capabilities quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

SHR offers a choice of a quantitative supply system with RCL. , according to the company in such a system is selected through tools – cooling agent can improve the ability of the cutting tool life, more effectively control chip, and to reduce the rate of heat production and supply, so as to shorten the cycle, improve the production efficiency.

North American SHR automation department manager Lee Coleman explained: “we are specifically for our quantum feed unit, because the system of internal design banned by traditional axial coolant delivery.” “RCL is not subject to maintenance, it allows us to provide clients with a simple and easy method, used in very large capacity production environment frequently used system, make it through the tool cooling functions.”

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