Tray special horizontal winding machine


Fhope winding and stretching packaging machine plays an important role in the production of packaging wood and panel. It can achieve six side packaging through the design of packaging machine and turntable. After wrapping, the machine can rotate the load 360 degrees to wrap the head and tail. In this way, the package will cover the package from all sides. Therefore, it is very helpful to reduce the labor cost and help you reduce the operation and packaging process.

The horizontal packaging machine can also be used for wooden packaging, pallets, bales and other packaging, and can be connected with other mechanical equipment. During the packaging process, you only need to input information on the touch screen. This procedure allows the operator to reset the data in the system before automatic packaging. The machine is designed to be easy to operate and employees can solve all problems related to practical problems through horizontal stretch packaging technical support. In addition, overseas services can be used for installation and connection.

There are three kinds of automatic packaging machines in the domestic market: bag making, bag feeding and can feeding. For you to analyze the differences and characteristics of the three packaging machines.

Bag making automatic packaging machine is usually composed of bag making machine and weighing machine. The weighing machine can be weighing type or screw type, and particles and powder materials can be packed. This machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment which can make packaging film directly and complete the actions of measurement, filling, coding and cutting in the process of bag making. The packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, etc. it is characterized by high degree of automation, high price, good shape and anti-counterfeiting. It is suitable for small specifications of washing powder, condiment, expanded food and other products The disadvantage of mass automatic packaging is that it is not convenient to change the packaging specifications.

The bag feeding automatic packaging machine is usually composed of bag feeding machine and weighing machine. The weighing machine can be weighing type or screw type. Particles and powder materials can be packed. The working principle of the machine is to use the manipulator to take, open, cover and seal the user’s preformed bags. At the same time, under the coordinated control of the microcomputer, it can complete the functions of filling and coding, so as to realize the automatic packaging of the preformed bags. It is characterized by a manipulator instead of manual bagging, which can effectively reduce the bacterial pollution in the packaging process and improve the automation level. It is suitable for small-scale and large-scale automatic packaging of food, condiments and other products. The disadvantage is that the prefabricated bags need to be free of static electricity, otherwise it is easy to take two bags and open the bags inaccurately. It is also inconvenient for the machine to change the packing specification. Can feeding type automatic packaging machine is mainly used for automatic canning of cup-shaped containers such as iron cans and paper cans. The whole machine is usually composed of can feeding machine, weighing machine and cover machine. The can feeder generally adopts intermittent rotating mechanism. Each rotating station sends a blanking signal to the weighing machine to complete a quantitative can loading.

Weighing machine can be weighing type or screw type, particles, powder materials can be packed. The upper cover machine is connected with the can feeder through the conveyor belt, which is essentially a single machine linkage and works independently of each other. The machine is mainly used for the automatic packaging of chicken essence, chicken powder, wheat milk powder and other products, characterized by high degree of automation, less pollution links, high price, high efficiency and good image. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to change specifications.

In addition, there are sealing and shrinking equipment, filling and locking machine, pill machine, labeling machine and special packet transfer equipment, such as Qingdao three fields mask machine, eye mask agents are all belong to the packaging machine category.

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