The elliptical form

The quality of EM is outstanding in the daily application, which adopts the most popular top cutting line, within a few inches.

At the top of the cutting tool is a kind of economical, multi-functional grinder, made of high-quality microcrystalline carbide because of its special geometric properties, can be used in almost all of the material and the milling strategy.


Vibration damping variable spiral groove Angle

Increases the cone core diameter of the stability

High performance ALCR coating provides additional wear and heat resistance

The round end milling cutter is a new kind of tool that can be used in the process of pre-completion and completion of the operation, so that the machining process has a larger tool path distance. These tools are mainly used for moulding and production of tire molds, turbine blades, impeller blades or blisks.

The technical characteristics of these end mills are the large radius of the cutting area, which provides a new possibility in the process of machining. A wide radius simulates a ball nose grinder with a diameter of 12-3000 mm, requiring greater size.

The CAM system must support and compute the geometry of the end milling cutter, which plays an important role. Em provides programming help to end users who use the most popular CAM software, such as super mill, Mastercam, and others. Using a round cutting machine can significantly reduce the processing time and improve the surface quality of the parts.

There are four different types of round segments that can be used:


The elliptical form

Cone form

In order to meet the requirements of materials and parts design of aircraft and turbine industry, turbine tools with special geometric shapes are designed. Complex shapes, including large ranges of radii and deep pockets, pose great challenges for mechanics and programmers. Aiming at the special problem, the EM turbine milling scheme is developed and the standard solution is provided. In addition to turbine components, these tools are also widely used in the mold and mold industry, for example for the processing of tire molds and plastic injection moulds.


Stable design of conical groove structure

New geometry of aluminum processing

PVD is highly resistant to hard coating

Rough and semi-finishing configuration files

Suitable for complex geometry processing parts