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A year ago, micron tools introduced flexible solid carbide drill bits, and win the respect for producers of deep hole drilling, because these bit, from 0.1 mm diameter, achieve the drilling depth of 30 x d. Today, the Swiss tools manufacturers need another progress and expand Calloy tools drilling program. What we are talking about now is that the integrated cooling of 50 x D is essential for these extreme drilling depths. In addition, for titanium processing, new is also a choice.

Many characteristics of this new, long tool similar to its “predecessor” : like the first version of the crazy drill Flex, the new version retains the special properties of HSS drill flexibility, as well as a solid carbide drill precision and long service life (and, it is a tool). In addition, the version between the drill and clamping handle has a flexible center part, allows the knife with the necessary flexibility, even in difficult circumstances can guarantee a certain drilling (for example, in the case of unstable borehole). The new technology has a length of 0.3 mm and a depth of 50 x d. The new technology is also an integrated cooling of the tool. The coolant is carried through the handle, so it is effective for each grade and is always directed directly to the cutting edge, independent of the cutter length. Because of the special configuration and profile of the coolant hole, a very concentrated flow can be realized and can be used to clean the flute. In addition, the coolant flow is still concentrated at high speed cooling. In addition to traditional cutting oil, a kind of air oil mist lubrication can be applied.

The success of the crazy diamond Flex-3 is based on a controlled drill-down process and often USES it. Normally, your machine will be 0. 5 liters to 1 x D; Cutting speed and feeding depends on the machine material, but it has to be slightly reduced compared to the “short” version. Before using this tool for the first time, we recommend that some “initial help” be sought from the experts on MK tools. The top of the program is a modified geometry, especially for titanium processing. Also note that it is important to note that the Flex-3 drill has a very good effect on external lubrication when drilling deep to 30 times depth. The Flex-3 drill has internal cooling when drilling deep to 50 times depth.

Everyone who has had this difficult process knows the center of the past. The drill is an important factor. To do this, users can use a free program to handle both options.

The depth of the Flex-3 drill is 100 mm (from 5 mm steps) to 50 x D depth, and the “shorter” length of 20 x D and 30 x D.

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