class tools is optional

This is a simple but effective Swedish company modular system, it combines the Swedish type module type drilling rig (high feed and ratio of length to diameter ratio d/d) and the advantages of indexable drill (high speed and low cost), the advantages of the used in the application of large diameter drilling. Now, by introducing the new Swedish +B1 head and DFC guidance pad, the cost of each hole is reduced under difficult drilling conditions.

The strength of the B1 head can be handled through the cutting conditions of the heap, inclined exit, drilling and interruption. Using these new pads, the Swedish head will benefit from the precise guidance of the head when drilling a hole with a diameter of up to 50 per cent. They also eliminate spiral lines and grooves, and enable high quality hole exits to be reliably drilled in two directions to index the direction of the drill.

Swedish + B1 positive provides two kinds of effective cutting edge, work well under the high feed rate, to reduce the load of each edge, compensate radial force, and prevent the disc only add two wafers per side. Their standard sizes range from 28mm to 70mm and customised solutions range from 28mm to 127mm.

Company introduced walter Thai Tex, terry, Inox, this is a kind of high performance carbide drill, internal cooling agent and special coatings, specialized for processing of stainless steel and other ISO M high alloy materials.

The advantages of Calloy tool-3 begin with a sophisticated geometry that is particularly suited to these materials, reducing the cutting force and reducing the formation of other common burrs. The multi-layer coating can improve the service life of the cutter to the greatest extent, while minimizing the adhesion. Due to the stability of the main cutting edge of Calloy tool-3 and the new flute shape of the drill, the high technological stability is ensured. The coordination clearance guarantees the minimum friction of the hole wall, and the proper operating temperature can be achieved through the internal coolant supply of the common bit in the Calloy tool series.

These features and features work together to produce good quality of hole in drilling of stainless steel, has high reliability and feed rate at the same time, more than 50% higher than other common cemented carbide drilling tools.

Walter is a 1-8 inch diameter and 3-20 mm diameter for walter tekster, and the standard length is 5xD. Additional length to 12xD and class tools is optional. In aerospace, chemical industry and medical equipment, food processing and production equipment, and general metal processing equipment, can be found walter mention Tex Tex terex cow the typical application of drill.

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