a one-off, repair work

A new deep hole micro drill in the company provides a time-saving option for creating line EDM starting holes, which, according to the tests, average an average of five times more per hole. This drill is added to the store’s toolbox, replacing the time-consuming EDM to create a starting hole. When a board requires a lot of boot holes, in a standard machining center, it can be processed in a standard machining center without the need for a switch.

The diameter of the drill is 0.1mm in diameter, 0.1mm in diameter and diameter of 20/40/60/80x. It is recommended to start the process with a center/test hole of 2 times diameter, with a small round hole drilled into the hole until the hole is finished.

The sphinx has a flute and the most advanced geometry, suitable for this complex application. In the case of wear, a high – strength alloy tool steel is used to drill the best hard alloy and the best wear-resisting coating.

The test and development of the sphinx, a Swiss partner of the great Caesar, was done in collaboration with customers specializing in manufacturing mold manufacturing.

This kind of strong, general, cost-effective new carbide drill, make the company’s products quality and reliability has reached the daily processing of sandy world, where the old machines, small batch and frequent change of workpiece is orders every day. DCS150 is the first product of a new, cost-effective and high-quality tool solution for the company to improve the processing process, especially for smaller volume production.

Generally speaking, in most factories, except for high-tech production lines, you will find that the low-speed, old-fashioned machines often do important work. These machines is a one-off, repair work, very little effort and not worth to be put in other machines of advanced production line of work, but they are an important part of the workshop work. Tools with high theoretical metal processing are difficult to justify such work, but manufacturers still want quality and reliability. It is for these machines and companies to develop DCS150 jobs.

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