high-positive, low-shear, screwdrivers

In parts with a diameter of less than 0.125 inches (3.18 mm), the company last year launched a series of high-positive, low-shear, screwdrivers, dead thorns and knife-edge products. There are four types of chips: the HG feature is a molded chip, and HGT, HGY and HGR insert precision is +/-0.0002 (0.005mm), from the bottom of the tool to the end of the insertion tip.

“These inserts are designed for components that require critical center line accuracy and low cutting force,” explains Brian Sawicki, his product manager.” If you cut it on the midline, you will push it aside.” If you’re below the center line, you gouge out this part. It is important to cut these parts accurately at the center. These highly accurate, free machining inserts allow you to adjust the size of small parts with the smallest size.

GH chip is a bidirectional plug-in chip. The insertion is designed to place a tightly placed circuit breaker near the cutting radius. It also has high positive, sloping sides. If the insert does not break the chip, it separates it from the artifact.

“JS type is best suited for very small parts of the medical, aerospace and automotive industries. One of the biggest end users is the jet engine’s fuel filter manufacturer. The other three inserts, HGT, HGY, and HGR, are designed for small parts of the disk drive industry.” They’re designed for lighter cuts, but it’s possible to process pacemaker parts, fuel system components, even watch components,” said Sawicki.

The innovation of the high performance tool level from KM has won special evaluations from customers around the world, because of their long-term life and excellent performance. Now, KM is introducing the first extrapolation to KM’s fixed system, promising to improve toughness and wear resistance, thus improving production efficiency and safety.

The characteristics of the fixed system is a special pocket, and clamping bolt, lock pin and precise installation precision ground insert, result in high clamping force and low cutting force, so as to improve the control ability of the chips, improve the stability of the process. Fixed inserts are used to match pockets, which can protect the cut edges that are not needed. Productivity is also up, because fixed pins just need to be loosened, not removed, to index insertions.

In addition to offer new products to Fix Perfect can share the performance characteristics of the whole product line: improve the edge toughness micro polished edge, after the patent coating processing, reduce the cutting depth, cutting, and a fine grained aluminum oxide layer, the integrity of the coating can improve the cutting speed.

Alexander Momm, global product manager, said: “according to your application and needs, there are five new categories of new products beyond the grade, depending on your application and needs.”” Through all sorts of geometry, the choice of the Angle and tilt Angle, can be processed in rough machining, metal processing company or to complete the task of improving chip control and process stability, and at the same time increase the tool life, improve the performance.”

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