immersive processing

HG6V6 characteristics through fully immersive processing, greater stability and the precision of parts processing, and faster cycle times, equipped with 10 MPa (1450 psi) washing ability, in order to improve the productivity of deep hole features. In the case of blade and blade cavity wall penetration, the machine also includes a quick response fast detection circuit to prevent counterimpact or backwall shock (internal cavity damage). This highly sensitive breakthrough detection circuit adopts different adaptive process monitoring techniques to achieve the maximum speed.

An advanced EDHM generator technology has excellent metallurgical quality and integrity in nickel alloys. Reliable, repeatable processing results is the use of water quality on machine control system to maintain, the system consists of a filter system to clean water, a control water ionization of conduction system, and a cooling device, to keep the same as the casting machine water level.

The characteristics of HG6V6 are automatic replacement tools (ATC) and automatic pilot change (AGC) systems for the different film cooling hole diameters of unattended. The patent tool system combines electrode clips and dies to form a universal assembly that improves reliability through simple and precise automatic switching. These features enable ATHGC and AGHGC to communicate in less than a minute, providing a unique combination of process flexibility while minimizing the action of non-value-added machines.

HG6V6 USES a number of proven software techniques to use in MK’s thin hole extension machine. MK’s model planning system is integrated into the controller, providing a user-friendly input interface that directly USES the G and m- code programming formats. The electrode length management system provides the electrode wear tracking, when the length is short, automatic exchange electrode. The controller includes several sealing cycles for hole drilling and simple reaming machining, and can import custom hg-code configuration files and can be easily used on machines.

The design of HG6V6 is for simple operation, and it provides the operator with a working trough with a three-sided backside working groove. HG6V6 can also be detected on the machine to determine the location and offset of the artifact. Electric touch sensing or traditional mechanical touch probes can be used to capture location data points. The standard configuration for HG6V6 includes a 24 – station tool carousel and 24 utility assemblies to fully store the machine for maximum productivity.