Engineering products

The newly elected microdrill scope of DM has been designed to perform well in a variety of materials and components in small diameter drilling applications. Two lengths of support can be provided to support drilling depth to 8 x D(RH5230) and 12 x D (RH5231), both of which have the flute geometry of DM’s ACM (advanced chip management). This encourages the production of small, easily evacuated chips, and reduces machine downtime, and even ensures tool wear to extend service life.

Smooth and efficient chip evacuation is further promoted by the exclusive superfluid coating of a layer of DM companies. In particular, in order to optimize performance, it brings a range of benefits, including excellent wear resistance and significant productivity gains. The optimum pressure and volume of coolant is crucial for the deep hole drilling of continuous, high speed and micropore.

Within the scope of the selected application of micro drill, with internal coolant holes, precise cutting fluid to the top of the drill bit, cooling cutting area, and in, including stainless steel, aluminum and titanium in most engineering materials with high performance. Additionally, the specially designed point geometry helps reduce the thrust required to drive the drill into the work The company provides a crazy drill with a diameter of 15, 20, 30 times, a diameter of 1 mm, diameter of 40 mm, diameter of 2mm. The cutting geometry of the deep hole drill is provided through the coolant drill and the short wafer is produced when the steel alloy is drilled. According to the company, the drill can reach full depth without a single blow. piece, resulting in precise pore volume, minimal inlet and outlet burrs, and cost per hole.

Engineering products with a diameter of 15 times diameter can be supplied according to requirements, and there are different flute lengths within the entire range of products.