thread connection


JW company provides DHWIN 9036 and DHWIN 9036-ni thread connection, tapered thread, specification size. These threaded plug holes are used to close holes with cylindrical tapered internal threads. Air tightness depends on the compatibility of the medium, pressure, temperature and materials. The design of GPGC thread coatings provides higher security.

The plug is made of galvanized, blue, passivated steel or stainless steel. Both devices can be coated with or without GPGC (the 5) line. The size of the metric tapered pipe threads from MH28 x 1.0 to MH248 x 1.5, and the taper of the BSPT British standard pipeline.

According to the company, the new prototype from WT is a “through-hole” that offers excellent performance and tool life. The product is designed by HSS-E-pm and can be used in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals. This versatility allows it to be widely used in a variety of products, reducing the inventory and cost of tools.

The prototex ecosystem is a new type of pretreatment, which can produce an improved surface. This provides improved adhesion to the THL hard material coating. This leads to significant performance improvements and longer tool life. Tests showed that the tool’s life span increased by 25 to 60 percent, depending on the application. In addition, the geometrical shape optimized in the slot increases the reliability of the process. This feature is very important because thread cutting is usually the final operation of the work piece, which may have been done several times before.

Since WT provides this new tool in several different designs, the versatility of tap has been enhanced. For example, it can provide internal cooling and radial coolant exits; The tin coating can be used as an alternative to its standard hard material coating. The version on the left is four tolerance classes, 6WHX, 6WGX, 2WB and GW- X. There are many threads configuration files and sizes, including measuring thread MW2 to MW30, measuring thread mw6x0.75 to MW22x1 and inch from one-eighth to one.