standard thread

The group is expanding its threaded tool mix and joining the high speed steel mechanical faucet and the rolling tap bass line. The bass tool provides high precision and reliable performance for all materials and provides a wide range of sizes.

In cooperation with TFSS, KME has developed an inventory project to provide its customers with the hard alloy and PHG thread and milling cutter of its JHG brand. With attractive prices, the faucet and roller faucets of the TFSS-E and TFSS-H powder metal (PM) of bass are providing excellent performance for low-yield production in all industries.

“In our JHG product series, KT group offers the most advanced hard alloy wire solutions in the industry, both for tapping and threading.” Dr. F said. — Hans Grandin, President/CEO, United States. “In 2012, we will focus on duplicating the extraordinary success of the KT group’s thread-fication of other high-end international markets in North America. The use of a bass premium TFSS tap in the JHG series is an important part of this approach.

The design of the bay driver and the coil faucets is designed to reduce the cost of each thread, maximize the quality of the final product, and optimize the process of the thread.

Thanks to the recently launched cx-dfmt, manufacturers can now save time, tools and money, three by one. The tool’s rotation USES a hard alloy coating, which produces threaded holes, threads and chamfering in a single operation. This extended product line provides thread milling cutter with a diameter less than 2.5 times diameter.

The GHT tap provides a series of standard thread limits for the asphalt diameter and function line of internal thread products. They have inches and metric units. When you go, you should wring it in with your hands and pass it out with your hand effortlessly. The era of “not going” should not be distorted by more than two revolutions. It is reported that GAGES aging provides excellent accuracy and maximum wear resistance.