December 2017

polycrystalline diamond

The industrialized countries, the diamond tools and search in advance, and application of immature  .  . Since 1953, for the first time in Sweden since the synthetic diamond,       cutting performance research and got a lot of results, and PCD application range and rapid expansion in the volume of use at present,   […]

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The elliptical form

The quality of EM is outstanding in the daily application, which adopts the most popular top cutting line, within a few inches. At the top of the cutting tool is a kind of economical, multi-functional grinder, made of high-quality microcrystalline carbide because of its special geometric properties, can be used in almost all of the

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Features of jet cutting

More than 100 years of precision milling and innovation Our high – precision tools are designed for optimum performance in various materials and processing applications. EM not only produces tools, we also provide milling solutions that can help develop innovative programming strategies to maximize the performance of the tool. We work closely with the leading

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A tool on the right and left

Have the greatest confidence, depth, versatility and economy. EM provides a range of hard alloy line milling solutions, such as threaded H-threadtm all-thread hard alloy face milling cutter, threaded H-alltm small thread milling cutter or the GGC indexable blade of a large diameter thread. Advantages of thread milling technology Generate threads with excellent form, completion,

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Typical analysis

The long handle (LGS) and the faucet of the long handle are the same as the standard length faucet in the flute geometry. Design options ORG- a typical tool for blind hole threads for long – cut materials. A fast spiral flow provides a good chip out of a blind hole. Our design is stainless

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Different styles

The thread forming process requires an appropriate coolant application to reduce friction and reduce heat accumulation. The coolant obtained from the valve brings the coolant to the thread forming band to provide the optimal thread forming process. Proper PVD surface treatment also helps the material flow and reduces surface friction. Coolant delivery option Internal coolant

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Blind and bore threads

The roller-type roll-type design is designed to work in a variety of materials, rather than specific materials. According to the different materials of workpiece, the basic advantages of the cold forming of threads are not only the excellent surface quality, but also have higher static and dynamic strength. The length of the thread to be

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